What would you like to try today?

The above video shows many different aspects of the SCA. It can include different activities for families, individuals and couples. Some activities include dancing, woodworking, fencing, sewing, cooking, lampworking, calligraphy, illumination, and socializing. Research is done on the life of pre-17th-century Europe, and re-create the arts and skills. Each month our Shire has different activities going on. Depending on the time of the year we meet in different locations, please check our calendar for the current schedule or contact our officer to see what the current schedule is.

We have several meetings and practices that happen throughout the year. Sometimes these meetings and practices are combined into one evening depending on what is happening during the month. To remain updated with the happenings and announcements of these meetings and practices please join us on our facebook page or yahoogroup friends email list for the most up to date information! Everyone is welcome to join us at any of the below gatherings!

Monthly Business Meetings: Our local chapter meets once a month to discuss any business related to running and maintaining our group.  Here we receive updates from our officers related to their office (such as how much money we have in the treasury, if reports to our regional officers have been made, etc.) and we discuss opportunities to provide educational demonstrations for local organizations and schools.  We also use this time to organize and plan upcoming events.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings as a lot of information is given during the meetings. For more information visit our meetings page.

Fighters Practice: These are practices that happen (depending on weather and availability of members) at our designated location for those individuals who would like to continue to work on their fighting skills in Rattan, Cut and Thrust, and Fencing. Each time we have an official practice a warranted Marshal is present to ensure the safety of the participants as well as any spectators.

Archery Practice: Just like our Fighter’s practice, we have members who like to practice their Archery skills. A small group of people meet throughout the year (either outdoors or indoors) at local parks or businesses to shoot their bows. Each time an official practice is held a warranted Marshal is present to ensure the safety of the participant and spectators.  All are welcome to come and either watch or participate.

Arts and Sciences: This is time is used for people to gather and work on a projects such as sewing, calligraphy, illumination, embroidery, wood working, metal working,  jewelry making etc. This is a good time for people to come together and be able to ask for assistance from each other and also learn new skills if you want to try to learn something new. Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if you don’t have anything to work on!