Our local chapter to maintain our status of a Shire we have a group of people who volunteer their time by helping out and acting as an officer of the shire. The time and length of how long an office is held is different for each person. If you are interested in helping out please contact our Seneschal.

 Seneschal (Group President)

What is a Seneschal?

In medieval times, the Seneschal was a household administrative official in charge of domestic arrangements and servants.

Roles of a Seneschal:

  • to be the local legal representative of the SCA

  • to promote and facilitate communications

  • to help other SCA members find and do what interests them

Lord Petrus

   Chatelaine (Welcomes Newcomers/Media Relations)

Roles of a Chatelaine:

  • Public Relations

  • Responsible for welcoming people to the SCA, education on the basic information and assisting newcomers with finding interests or activities.

  • Can assist with getting temporary outfits to attend events.
Susanna Sparke of Cheshire

   Exchequer (Treasurer)

Roles of an Exchequer:

  • Treasurer – responsible for banking/financial matters in the shire
 Kajsa Mulikka

   Knight Marshal

Roles of a Marshal: 

  • Responsible for supervising the combat activities (Rattan) within the shire.

His Grace Sir Yngvar


Role of the Chronicler:

  • Maintains the Silfren Scroll (Newsletter)




Roles of a Master of Blades: 

  • Responsible for supervising the fencing/rapier activities within the shire

Lord Tarien Dane

   Archery Marshal

Roles of an Archery Marshal: 

  • Responsible for supervising the  archery activities within the shire.

 Lord Petrus

   Arts and Sciences

Roles of an A&S minister:

  • To help enrich the shire through encouraging and aiding members with the arts and sciences, either through themselves or their connections. Arts and Sciences include the researching of fibers and fabrics, food, calligraphy and illumination dance and many other diverse subjects.

Lady Celestria de Clare


What is heraldry?

​It is the practice of designing, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arms and heraldic badges. A coat of arms is a symbol unique to an individual person or family, corporation, or state usually in the form of a shield – sometimes called an armorial device or just device.

Roles of a Herald:

  • Responsible for promoting heraldry in the SCA – includes assisting people in researching and submitting names, devices, and badges for registration.

Johannes Þorsteinsson

 Youth Coordinator

Roles of a Youth Coordinator:

  • The Youth Coordinator will handle communication and reporting about youth activities to the local group and the Kingdom Officer.
  •  They will communicate the Kingdom Youth Policy and facilitate discussion that will help coordinate the direction of Youth activities.

 Web Minister (Website)

Roles of a Webmaster:

  • To maintain and update the group website, email lists and facebook page.

 Her Grace Luce Tolle